Instructions to write remix to sdcard

Your miles may vary

You may want to change the commands used to fit your preference or setup.
# fetch the remix & checksum files
wget \

# Verify the checksum matches
sha256sum -c SHA256SUM.txt
. . .

# decompress 
unxz -v f19-chromebook-MATE.img.xz

# write the image to sdcard
sudo dd if=f19-chromebook-MATE.img of=/dev/sdz bs=4M

# resize the rootfs partition
sudo sgdisk -p -a8192 -e -d5 -n5:0:0 -t5:8300 -c5:'ROOTFS' -p /dev/sdz
sudo partx -t gpt -u /dev/sdz

# resize the rootfs ext4 filesystem
sudo e2fsck -f /dev/sdz5
sudo resize2fs /dev/sdz5